Child Welfare

“We’ve got to work to save our children and do it with full respect for the fact
that if we do not, no one else is going to do it.”

~ Dorothy Height

At the Ohio Federation for Health Equity and Social Justice (OFHESJ), we understand the crucial importance of providing a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment for every child. Our dedication is to the heart of our community – its children. With this commitment at our core, we offer an array of resources designed to promote child welfare across Ohio. Our approach intertwines equity, health, and justice to ensure every child, regardless of background, has the opportunity to thrive.

Empowering Communities with Resources

Policy Advocacy and Research

Staying at the forefront of child welfare means pushing for policies that protect and elevate our children. The OFHESJ actively engages in advocacy and research, aiming to influence legislation for a just and equitable system. We work alongside policymakers, community organizations, and families to ensure our children’s voices are heard and their rights safeguarded.

Ohio Welfare Resources

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