Economic Equity

Economic Security: Building a Foundation for a Thriving Ohio

At the Ohio Federation for Health Equity and Social Justice, we recognize that economic security is fundamental to the health and well-being of individuals and communities. Economic security encompasses a range of factors that contribute to financial stability and opportunity, including access to affordable housing, healthcare, gainful employment, a living wage, and transportation. By addressing these key areas, we can create stronger, more resilient communities where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Affordable Housing
Access to safe, stable, and affordable housing is essential for economic security. We advocate for policies and initiatives that increase access to affordable housing options for individuals and families of all income levels. This includes supporting affordable housing development, tenant protections, and programs that assist low-income individuals and families in securing housing.

Affordable Healthcare
Access to quality healthcare is a fundamental human right and a cornerstone of economic security. We work to ensure that all individuals have access to affordable healthcare coverage and services, regardless of income, employment status, or pre-existing conditions. This includes advocating for Medicaid expansion, affordable health insurance options, and initiatives to address healthcare disparities in underserved communities.

Gainful Employment
Meaningful and gainful employment is critical for economic security and self-sufficiency. We support initiatives that promote job training, workforce development, and job placement services to help individuals secure and maintain employment. Additionally, we advocate for policies that promote fair wages, and create opportunities for career advancement.
Living Wage
A living wage is essential for ensuring that individuals and families can meet their basic needs and achieve economic security. We advocate for policies that establish minimum wage standards that reflect the cost of living in our communities. Additionally, we support efforts to index the minimum wage to inflation to ensure that it keeps pace with the rising cost of living.
Access to Transportation
Access to reliable and affordable transportation is vital for economic mobility and access to employment, education, healthcare, and other essential services. We advocate for investments in public transportation infrastructure, including expanded bus routes, improved transit options, and increased access to transportation services in underserved communities.
Together, we can advocate for policies and initiatives that address affordable housing, access to healthcare, gainful employment, living wages, and transportation access to create stronger, more equitable communities.

“When a young person, even a gifted one, grows up without proximate living examples of what she may aspire to become–whether lawyer, scientist, artist, or leader in any realm–her goal remains abstract. Such models as appear in books or on the news, however inspiring or revered, are ultimately too remote to be real, let alone influential. But a role model in the flesh provides more than inspiration; his or her very existence is confirmation of possibilities one may have every reason to doubt, saying, ‘Yes, someone like me can do this.”

~ Sonia Sotomayor