Oral Health

The Ohio Federation for Health Equity and Social Justice (OFHESJ) stands firmly in support of community-centered health initiatives, striving to reimagine the health system with a “community first” ethos. Our focus remains steadfast on addressing disparities and championing equity in healthcare access, particularly concerning oral health. Here’s how our initiatives align with these principles:

Community Engagement and Collaboration: OFHESJ prioritizes collaborative efforts with diverse communities throughout Ohio. By actively engaging with local stakeholders, we work collaboratively to identify barriers to oral health equity. Through inclusive dialogue and partnership, we ensure that our initiatives are responsive to the unique needs and challenges faced by different populations across the state.

Equitable Access to Oral Health Services: We are dedicated to promoting equitable access to oral health services for all Ohioans. Recognizing the influence of socioeconomic factors on oral health outcomes, we strive to address these disparities through targeted interventions and advocacy efforts. Our goal is to ensure that everyone, regardless of background or circumstance, has access to quality oral healthcare.

Breaking Down Barriers to Care: OFHESJ is committed to dismantling barriers to oral healthcare access. Whether related to affordability, availability, or stigma, we actively work to address systemic obstacles that hinder individuals from accessing necessary oral health services. Through policy advocacy and community outreach, we endeavor to remove these barriers and promote a more inclusive and accessible oral health system.

Empowering Communities: Central to our approach is empowering communities to advocate for their oral health needs. We provide resources, support, and capacity-building opportunities to community-based organizations, equipping them with the tools and knowledge to drive local initiatives aimed at improving oral health outcomes. By amplifying community voices, we strive to ensure that solutions are rooted in the lived experiences and priorities of those most affected by oral health disparities.

Promoting Policy Change: OFHESJ advocates for policy change at all levels of government to advance oral health equity. Through engagement with policymakers and advocacy for evidence-based policies, we seek to create a policy environment that supports equitable access to oral health services and promotes oral wellness for all Ohioans.

Through these initiatives, the Ohio Federation for Health Equity and Social Justice works tirelessly to advance a vision of oral health equity where every individual has the opportunity to achieve and maintain optimal oral health, regardless of their background or circumstances.